My work experience week at Pontypridd Museum

By Ioan

I made the decision to go to Pontypridd Museum because I have always enjoyed going to museums. They were always so fun for me so when I saw it on the list of jobs I chose it straight away. It had been a long time since I had been to Pontypridd Museum so I was excited to go again. Lots of people were excited for their job placement as well.

When I got there my first job was to fill out a survey on what I liked and didn’t like. I had lots to say about what I enjoyed but I had next to nothing to say about what I didn’t like. I had to really think hard for something to write. After that I went to wind the grandfather clocks with Alex the Museum Assistant. That was tense because I was scared I might break them because the clocks were so old. After lunch I was given the laptop and had to put information from pictures on to a website called Historypin. My first day was quite busy.

On the second day Dave the assistant Curator gave me the store tour which was really interesting. I got to see all the things not on display. Then I had the task of re-writing and adding to some of the text panels. That was hard because I had to find new information on the exhibition and I wasn’t sure if it was true. Then after lunch I had to go around the museum and take pictures of 5 different exhibits and post them on the museum’s Twitter. I really enjoyed the second day because I got to see some of the museum I’d never seen before.

view of the organ in the museum

On Thursday I continued with the Historypin website. I made a new collection and put on some new pictures. This taught me more about reading between the lines as I had to work out detail about the picture from a small description. After that I helped one of the volunteers update the record books.

On my final day I started the day by putting the date and classification number on the back of some recently donated pictures of a local sweet factory. After that I finished the blog post which I am doing now. Over all I really enjoyed my time at Pontypridd Museum and would love to do it again.  Now I know what it is like in a working environment and am prepared for the future. Thank you to everyone at Pontypridd Museum including the volunteers who helped me progress through the week. This has been the experience of a life time.