The museum’s collections relate to the local area covered by Pontypridd Town Council, since the building of the old bridge in 1756.

Subjects covered include:-

  • The construction of the bridge by William Edwards; its significance as the first in Europe to exceed the span of the Rialto in Venice, and its depiction both in works of fine art and in popular memorabilia.
  • The Glamorganshire canal and its importance in the industrial development of the Taff valley.
  • The town’s iron industry, particularly Brown Lenox, leading manufacturers of ships’ anchor chain, and the Treforest tinplate works.
  • The Taff Vale Railway, engineered by Brunel to carry the products of the iron industry down the valley to Cardiff docks.
  • Coal-mining, which became the major local employer after 1880, and the cost in human lives of the wealth that this industry created.
  • The growth of Pontypridd as the market town for the mining valleys of the centre of the coalfield.
  • The home life of the working population, illustrated by domestic artefacts.
  • The military history of the town, which was the recruiting centre for the valleys.
  • The sporting and musical culture of a town which has produced far more than its fair share of remarkable singers and sportspeople.

These subjects are illustrated by historic objects, working models, works of art, period photographs and short films.


We work to fill gaps in our collections, and are particularly interested in collecting material related to popular entertainment and sports, the diverse origins of the people of the town, and individuals who have made a difference to the life of the community. You can find more information about donating an object to Pontypridd Museum here.

We have a large photographic archive, considerable documentary material and reserve collections of objects not on display. These collections are catalogued and indexed and can be consulted by members of the public. However, we do not have a research room, so enquirers need to contact us in advance so that we can make appropriate arrangements.