Beth’s Work Experience

I decided to go to Pontypidd Museum to do my work experience at, because I believe that it would give me a good insight how a Museum is run. It had taken me hours to finally to get a work placement and I am glad that I decided to do here. So far I have learnt how time consuming and interesting looking up the family history of an object. On the Monday, it was fun finding out the links and connection of this family’s tree. They did not know who their grandparents and it did not even think that the people on the census was two different people. We first thought that it be the daughter but it was not the daughter but her brother. After, finding that fact it was just connecting the dots. Sadly, we do not know the whole story because we were not around then, but it leaves us so more questions than answers.

I have looked around the Museum and I find it good to let everyone know the history of a particular object or painting. Here at the Museum it has loads of objects that would interest all ages. They have more objects and paintings in the storage then out on display because they do not enough space to display everything. To beat that, they are able to change them each month. There is a sculptor, who died at 101, who made unique moving objects. I like how he has used electricity to help the objects to move and that they more of together by using different shapes. I have also found a couple of other paintings that I like. One of the paintings is a painting of a lady which is placed on the stairs next to a pipe organ. The second one I found is of the new and old bridge of Pontypridd.

The pipe organ is not old like the building but it is still one of the oldest object in the Museum. There is a harp here, which is rare because you do not normally see one. There is quite a few paintings of Pontypridd throughout the decades and the changes that has happened. I like the fact there is two grandfather’s clocks seated next to the organ. One of them is in the GMT time while the other one is thirteen minutes behind, the staff here at the museum has to wind them back every Monday and if they do not wind them up in time, they have to restart it by gently tapping the chime, so that it can start to swing back and forth.

I have enjoined my time here so far and would like to have the opportunity to come back a visit in the future and see what displays they have and what events they are hosting. This is a good Museum to do your work experience at if you are looking into a career to do with handing and cataloguing objects and paintings.